“It is the ultimate golf experience built on what is arguably the most distinctive piece of land in the low desert of Southern California. It’s an amazing feeling when you are there.”

“If you’re looking for pure golf, The Quarry should be on your short list of consideration. It’s on mine."

Tom Fazio
Quarry at La Quinta Golf Course Architect

“There are many great golf choices in our area, but none are as visually stimulating as The Quarry. Many courses built in the Coachella Valley were former vegetable farms, on flat and uninteresting land.”

“The Quarry is set into a hillside bordered by the Santa Rosa Preserve on three sides. Our land was made by the ‘Great Maker.’ Fazio hardly had to move any dirt and meticulously designed the course to take advantage of the stunning vistas. In addition, the course’s amazing conditioning has always been rated on par with the absolute best courses in the country."

“Our Board does a good job keeping us busy and entertained,” continued Beebe, “But, it’s the golf experience at The Quarry that drives us.”

Steve Beebe
Member since 1996

The Quarry features the finest golf course in the Coachella valley, meticulously maintained, with NO starting times. My wife and I considered all of our options carefully before joining; and in the end, there is no other place we would rather be. So much so, that we even bought a home on property. There is always a game available within the warm and welcoming Quarry community.

John Boneparth
Member since 2016

The Quarry is a unique golf club. It is an amazing golf course designed by Tom Fazio. It is as naturally beautiful as any golf course I have ever played. The open first tee, the incredible practice facilities, and the warmth of the staff are all as good as it gets. The Quarry has also stepped up its game over the last few years inside the Clubhouse. The food and the social activities have grown nicely. My wife and I both love The Quarry and she doesn't even play golf!

Bob Kain
Member since 2005

“If you like golf, then you will love The Quarry. Our club has an incredibly diverse membership.  Since owning property isn’t a requirement, many of our members come from all over the world.”

“Our exclusive, strictly private club has topped Augusta National in Golf Digest’s rankings of best conditioned courses. Our membership takes great pride in caring for the course. There is hardly a blade of grass out of place and every bunker is hand-raked each morning.

Linda Porteous
Member Since 2007

“The Quarry golf course and golf experience are priceless.  The walk down the 15th fairway is stunning and not matched anywhere. The Quarry has been total enjoyment for my wife, Sandy, and me for over 15 years and is always a challenging experience."

Frank Rossi
Member Since 1997

There is another name my friends and I like to call the Quarry...HEAVEN! It is truly a spectacular golf club on every level...beauty, playability, course condition, extraordinary staff and a delightful membership. Not only is there the challenging 18 hole course with stunning vistas to enjoy, but the short course and putting course experiences are unparalleled!

Sandi Young
Member since 2002

The Quarry is one of the truest golf experiences my husband and I have ever had the privilege to play. One is hard pressed to choose a signature hole, as every one of the 18 holes provide a new challenge, as well as a stunning vista to marvel upon. The Quarry has been one of Golf Digest Top 100 Golf Courses for over 20 years, an honor that brings great pride to all our members and the staff that has made that possible. Playing the Quarry is one of those golf experiences, from the Clubhouse to the course, that you truly miss when you are away.

Chris Zuckerman
Member since 2005